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[CSGP – CoStar Group; REIS – Reis Inc.] Tale of Two Data Providers

Before REIS and CoStar came onto the scene in 1980 and 1987, respectively, accessing clean and current data on rental rates, vacancies, absorption, precedent comps, and all the rest required to intelligently transact in commercial real estate was a vexing, ad hoc process.  In the early/mid-90s, juniors staffed across various financial institutions devoted significant chunks […]

[CBG – CBRE Group] Expensive on Normalized Earnings

CBG is a fine company but to claim that it is reasonably cycle-resilient post-GWS acquisition is an exaggeration.  Deriving 70% of fee revenue from contractual and purportedly recurring sources will not meaningfully cushion profits in the event of a commercial real estate swoon. From its roots as a regional commercial real estate broker founded in the aftermath of the 1906 […]

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Quick Blurbs [Adient, Jones Lang LaSalle, Mastercard, MRC Global, Scripps Network]

(2,218 words) [MA] In 2009, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) launched an ambitious nationwide program to collect all 10 fingerprints, iris scans, a photo, and all sorts of personal information from each of its 1.2bn citizens in a central database, with a unique 12-digit ID number assigned to each record.  The goal was to […]

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