[INTC] Intel Corp.

Related posts: Nvidia (NVDA): Part 1 of 2 Nvidia (NVDA): Part 2 of 2 Intel’s audacious shift from memory chips to CPUs, as recounted by former CEO Andy Grove in Only the Paranoid Survive, is  widely celebrated.  During the early 80s, Japanese chip companies – owned by large electronics enterprises that cross-owned banks that supplied […]

scuttleblurb business update (2021)

Dear friends and subscribers: While I consider this my most productive year from a research standpoint, the business side of things was mixed.  Scuttleblurb is on track to surpass $300,000 in subscription sales this year, more than I could have imagined when I launched nearly 5 years ago.  But growth has slowed and subscriber trends […]

Square / PayPal: Part 2

If you haven’t already, could you please take this survey?  Thank you!https://www.surveymonkey.de/r/MY6XRPR Digital wallets beg to break free from the commerce platforms that nurture them. In 2002, a $20bn eBay acquired PayPal for $1.5bn.  Nearly 20 years later, a $200bn+ PayPal commands 5x eBay’s market cap.  The core value prop hasn’t changed much over this […]

Square / PayPal: Part 1

If you found yourself in 2009 with the vision of one day dominating payments, where would you start?  For most, I suspect it would be P2P payments or point-of-sale software or some other bits-based service with the conventional trappings of network effects, virality and scale.  Square instead launched with what must have seemed the most […]

[SHW] Sherwin-Williams

In some industries you will find one player that uniquely and above all peers excels at something that is foundational to excess returns, whether that be customer service, cost discipline, scale economies or product innovation.  At times, you may find yourself thinking “I get it, X is a much better company than Y.  But Y […]

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Data, Observability and Monitoring ($SPLK, $ESTC, $NEWR, $DT, $DDOG)

Compared to the monolithic architectures of the on-premise world, cloud computing and the microservices paradigm accompanying it have given rise to more flexible and scalable applications. But those applications often run on complex distributed environments.  A large company like Uber might be running thousands of microservices written in different languages, making it tough to track […]

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[TDOC] Teladoc

You can think of Teladoc as a router for clinical care, receiving patients and connecting them to the right physicians.  The doctors on Teladoc’s platform work as independent contractors and interact with members through: 1/ Teladoc’s app/website; 2/ CVS’ Pharmacy App, which white labels Teladoc’s technology; and 3/ hospitals/clinics, whose providers interact with patients remotely […]

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