quick follow-up on Charles Schwab

Original post: some thoughts on Charles Schwab, published Mar. 12, 2023: In The Media Very Rarely Lies, Scott Alexander writes: the media rarely lies explicitly and directly. Reporters rarely say specific things they know to be false. When the media misinforms people, it does so by misinterpreting things, excluding context, or signal-boosting some events while […]

some thoughts on Charles Schwab

I have a post on APi Group and Amphenol coming toward the end of the month but before then I wanted to offer some thoughts on Charles Schwab. Nothing here is investment advice. Last week I was joking with my friends LibertyRPF and MBI that Twitter felt like a time machine taking me back to […]

A tour through payments: part 3 (SQ, FOUR)

Block (SQ) I once argued how by taking the problem of merchant payments acceptance seriously, Block knew to start with what must at the time have seemed like the most commoditized part of the payments stack, card readers, when everyone else was obsessed with software. Cheap plastic dongles combined with transparent pricing and no contracts […]

A tour through payments: part 2 (Adyen, GPN, FIS, FISV)

Hi everyone, scuttleblurb is now on Substack (link). You don’t need to do anything. scuttleblurb Substack will have the same content as scuttleblurb Classic and I will continue to run both versions of the site. If you prefer to read on Substack, here’s what you should do: cancel your scuttleblurb Classic subscription (link) sign up […]

A tour through payments: part 1 (Visa and Mastercard)

This is my last post of the year. Before getting into it, here are some stats on the business of scuttleblurb: 2022 has the dubious distinction of being the first year scuttleblurb’s subscriber base contracted and there appears to be no end to the bleeding. But the souring financials belie the unwavering enthusiasm I have […]

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[SITE] SiteOne Landscape Supply

SiteOne sources 135k landscaping SKUs from 5k suppliers and distributes to 280k customers, most of them private contractors operating in a single market. It is in the early innings of rolling up a fragmented $23bn industry, its share 5x that of the next largest player but still just a 15% of the overall market, which […]

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[VRSK] Verisk Analytics

One job of an insurance commissioner is to ensure that carriers under their jurisdiction have sufficient reserves to pay claims. In the early 1900s, the data required to make this determination was collected across insurers and standardized into formal reports by a number of rating agencies. A second job of a commissioner is to ensure […]

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