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[SQ – Square; PYPL – PayPal] Comparing Business Models and Strategies

[PYPL – PayPal] From its origins in peer-to-peer transfers, PayPal has evolved into the ubiquitous online payment gateway that it is today.  Consumers use PayPal because it is a secure, reliable, and fast payment method that is widely accepted by merchants; merchants accept PayPal because it eases checkout friction for ~240mn potential customers, converting 90% […]
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[EQIX – Equinix; INXN – Interxion] Network Effects in a Box

The “internet”, as the name implies, is a network of networks.  Scuttleblurb.com is sitting on server somewhere connected to an IP network different from the one your device is connected to and the fact that you are reading this means those two networks are communicating.  Likewise, if your internet service provider is Charter and you’d like […]