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Quick Blurbs [MSCI, Paypal, S&P Global]

[SPGI – S&P Global, MSCI – MSCI Inc.] New indices are created every day as passive strategies flourish and investors invent ways to track exposures across asset classes, geographies, sectors, and market caps.  They are stamped with the imprimatur of a well-known provider, validated with fresh pools of capital, and before long, become indispensable benchmarks or […]
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[PYPL – Paypal] Business Model and Competition

(2,182 words) PayPal has moved far beyond its roots as an online auctions payment facilitator in the late 1990s/early 2000s (serving eBay, mostly), broadening and deepening its 2-sided network, expanding its reach to mobile (2006), offline transactions (2012), and increasingly, “contextual commerce” (i.e., consumers buying directly on Facebook rather than being redirected to the retailers site).  PayPal’s central […]

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