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[MSFT – Microsoft] Death Star, Reformed

There’s a good reason why Microsoft was dubbed the Death Star by many fearful detractors during the on-premise era: its OS/application stack, with 90%+ desktop share, was an impermeable force that whipped the surrounding computing galaxy into submission.  Given Window’s ubiquity, value added resellers and systems integrators optimized their resources and relationships by supporting Windows […]

[AMZN – Amazon] Explanations Matter

 “Theories are nets cast to catch what we call ‘the world’: to rationalize, to explain, and to master it.” The Logic of Scientific Discovery, Karl Popper I wrote about AMZN on the scuttleblurb blog earlier this year.  Mounting saccharine coverage on Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple (“GAFA”) [1] has been shamed with arched “tsk-tsks” by […]

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Quick Blurbs [American Airlines, Amazon, Alphabet, Oaktree, Public Storage]

(2,596 words) [AMZN – Amazon] Per this PYMNTs article, Amazon Pay, which represents yet another instance of Amazon broadening and then tightening its grip on the e-commerce ecosystem, seems to be gaining rapid adoption.  Amazon Pay – like PayPal, Masterpass, and Visa Checkout – is a button placed on an e-retailer’s checkout page that enables quick […]

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[AMZN – Amazon, GOOG – Alphabet] Trillion Dollar Baby

When paired with a (truly) stable capital base, “behavior” is cited by many, including myself, as the supreme edge – trumping information (in theory, equally accessible to all) and analysis (smart people abound) – since, when investing over a long time-frame, what matters more than the singular decision to buy a stock is how we behave through […]

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