Podcast Blurbs [Background on Google’s DoubleClick acquisition, PPG Industries, Quantifying stuff]

Recode Decode (10/30/17; Why I’m not afraid of Amazon, David Rosenblatt, CEO of 1stdibs) (David Rosentblatt, CEO of 1stdibs, former CEO of DoubleClick) (on DoubleClick) “DoubleClick invented the display advertising industry.  It started out life as an ad network, I was hired to unbundle the technology that drove the network and sell it to publishers who […]

[ADI – Analog Devices] A Silent Hero

Almost every electronic device you use on a daily basis is infested with analog chips that monitor, amplify, and transform real world phenomena (weight, light, temperature, amplitude, power), into digital signals that electrical systems can understand.  These chips are the silent and unappreciated heroes that enable safety and infotainment features in cars, wireless infrastructure equipment, […]

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Podcast Blurbs [Self-driving cars, CIT and JBG Smith, Absurdity]

EconTalk: Library of Economics and Liberty (8/28/17; Benedict Evans on the Future of Cars) Benedict Evans: (electric cars) “An electric car doesn’t so much get rid of the gas tank as rip out the spine of the car.  It’s not that you get rid of the gas tank and replace it with batteries, you get […]

[WIX – Wix.com] Scaling Profitably

Sometime in late 2015, I built my first website.  Or rather, I purchased a subscription on weebly.com, a website builder, and proceeded to upload photos and drag and drop pre-configured modules into a blank screen.  The process was easy, which helped as I was clueless; the layout was unoriginal and austere, which sufficed as the […]

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Podcast Blurbs [Getting wiped out, Crypto incentives, Safran pitch]

Adventures in Finance (Ep. 32; Kyle Bass) Kyle Bass: “…we had worked with a bunch of accountants and combed through as many balance sheets and income statements as we could and we found this company called Radisys.  Radisys was an embedded chip company at the time.  Back in 1996/1997, that’s when we had the 4 […]

[EQIX – Equinix; INXN – Interxion] Network Effects in a Box

The “internet”, as the name implies, is a network of networks.  Scuttleblurb.com is sitting on server somewhere connected to an IP network different from the one your device is connected to and the fact that you are reading this means those two networks are communicating.  Likewise, if your internet service provider is Charter and you’d like […]

Podcast Blurbs [Larry Summers, Levered restaurant franchisees, Books vs. podcasts, Cramer on MongoDB]

Freakonomics Radio (9/28/17; Why Larry Summers is the Economist Everyone Hates to Love) Larry Summers: (On infrastructure) “I think we’ve completely mismanaged infrastructure investment in the United States.  It’s nuts that when interest rates are lower than they’ve been at any time in the last 50 years that we’re also investing less net of depreciation…it’s […]

[MELI – MercadoLibre] Digging The Moat (Or Is It A Grave?)

A few weeks ago, I came across the following remark from Joe Weisenthal in my Tweet feed: “Smart people can’t help but try to poke holes in things, and see the weaknesses in existing systems.  But long-term investing requires a certain amount of dumb confidence that things will all work out over time, even if […]

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