[MSFT – Microsoft] Death Star, Reformed

There’s a good reason why Microsoft was dubbed the Death Star by many fearful detractors during the on-premise era: its OS/application stack, with 90%+ desktop share, was an impermeable force that whipped the surrounding computing galaxy into submission.  Given Window’s ubiquity, value added resellers and systems integrators optimized their resources and relationships by supporting Windows […]

Podcast Blurbs [Sleep, Discarding ideology, Common knowledge, Intuition, SaaS upsell]

Hidden Brain (11/14/17; Eyes Wide Open: Part 2) (Matthew Walker, neuroscientist) “If we didn’t need 8 hours of sleep a night and we could get away with 6, mother nature would have done away with 25% of our sleep time millions of years ago.  Because when you think about it, sleep is an idiotic thing […]

[SERV – ServiceMaster; ROL – Rollins] Scale Economies and Hard Realities: Part 2

Countless termites die every day from natural causes, and that makes them the lucky ones.  Many are poisoned by liquid pesticide sprayed along entry routes into homes.  Still others are duped into ingesting toxic morsules that they share with nest mates, unwittingly wiping out whole colonies, slowly, over months.  More creatively (and less commonly), they […]

Podcast Blurbs [Amazon, Moral luck, Hero worship]

The James Altucher Show, Ep. #287 (How the Four Most Influential Companies on the Planet Took Over the Market and Changed Humankind) Scott Galloway “[The Four] are now going after each other because they’re getting into each others’ swim lanes.  They used to be on each other’s Boards…but, here’s the interesting thing about this.  Wherever […]

[TRUP – Trupanion] A SaaSy Underwriter

Looking at TRUP is like staring at one of those ambiguous images that could be both a rabbit and a duck, both a saxophonist and a woman’s face: we know that this is an insurance company, but we’re compelled to analyze it as a data-driven subscription service. Of course, all responsible insurers are data-driven and […]

Podcast Blurbs [Death, Dropbox moat, Common knowledge, Saying “no”]

Waking Up: Sam Harris, Ep. #104 (The Lessons of Death) Sam Harris “How we think about death changes depending on whether we’re thinking about dying ourselves or about losing the people we love.  But whichever side of the coin we take here, death is really an ever-present reality for us…it’s always announcing itself in the […]

[FSV – FirstService; CWD LN – Countrywide plc] Scale Economies and Hard Realities: Part 1

Today’s post is part of a broader discussion about scale advantages: when they apply and to what degree.  I’m addressing this topic in the context of rolled-up entities because, in my experience, it is here that scale advantages seem far too liberally promoted, even if they do sometimes apply with awesome effect.  This write-up was […]

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Blurbs [Online travel, B2B2C implementation]

Executive Roundtable: Street Talk (11/9/17), Phocuswright Conference Rachael Rothman, Sr. Analyst, Gaming, Lodging, and Leisure at Susquehanna Financial Group (on hotel demand) “I think we know from the industry-wide data that there is a definite shift to book direct…I would also just highlight that going back 30 years from hotel school, we always thought of […]