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[WIZZ – Wizz Air] Flying Through the Storm

A while back, I tweeted: [Whoops!  My share count was off when I tweeted this….should have been more like ~11x mfcfe.] In case it wasn’t clear from my tweet, the process by which Wizz has gotten there largely mirrors the Ryanair playbook, which I described in an earlier post: “Michael O’Leary, profanity-oozing ass-kicker and Ryanair […]

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[RYAAY – Ryanair] Low Cost Flywheel

“One thing we have looked at is maybe putting a coin slot on the toilet door…Pay-per-pee.  If someone wanted to pay £5 to go to the toilet, I’d carry them myself.  I would wipe their bums for a fiver.” Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair In a letter to one of GEICO’s officers dated July 22, […]