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Podcast Blurbs [Background on Google’s DoubleClick acquisition, PPG Industries, Quantifying stuff]

Recode Decode (10/30/17; Why I’m not afraid of Amazon, David Rosenblatt, CEO of 1stdibs) (David Rosentblatt, CEO of 1stdibs, former CEO of DoubleClick) (on DoubleClick) “DoubleClick invented the display advertising industry.  It started out life as an ad network, I was hired to unbundle the technology that drove the network and sell it to publishers who […]

Quick Blurbs [Equity Commonwealth, Oaktree, PPG Industries, United Continental]

[EQC – Equity Commonwealth] A few weeks ago I read Am I Being Too Subtle, authored by real estate maven Sam Zell and infused with the unquavering bluster I’ve come to expect in these business autobiographies.  I thought it was great.  I think he’s great.  Inspired by the book, I briefly revisited EQC, a US office […]
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[PPG – PPG Industries] High Quality Specialty Chem with Share Gain Opportunities

PPG is a soundly capitalized century+ old global[1] coatings manufacturer that has averaged low-teens unlevered after-tax return on capital over the last two decades[2] and whose stock I toe-holed at 15x trailing earnings after the Company pre-announced disappointing 3Q earnings on volume weakness in Europe, where it had previously witnessed relatively strong growth. Our daily […]

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