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[CPRT – Copart; KAR – KAR Auction Services] Copart is a Beast + Impending IAA Spin-Off from KAR

Beneath the bustle of a used car lot lies a swarm of activity that few of us have ever seen, a thriving ecosystem of wholesalers, rebuilders, parts recyclers, insurers, and intermediators whose trading activities usher some vehicles to dealer lots for resale and others to repair shops or salvage auctions.  Roughly 45mn used cars are […]

[KMX – CarMax; CVNA – Carvana] Moat, Growth, and Competition

When I Google “used car salesman”, here are the first images that appear. ‘nuff said. It required an electronics and appliance retailer with no car selling experience to be the change that consumers wanted to see in the car buying experience.  In 1993, the now defunct Circuit City launched the first CarMax store, leveraging its […]

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