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Quick Blurbs [SAP, Tripadvisor]

[TRIP – Tripadvisor] This stock had a few crazy trading days last week, opening down 8% before closing up 2.5% on the first full trading day post-earning and then rallying again days later, apparently sparked by rustlings of a take-out [TRIP’s chairman Greg Maffei stoked such hopes a few months ago].  At least opposes this hypothetical […]
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[SAP] The Great Migration

(1,533 words) SAP carries the dubious distinction as perhaps the least technically progressive software incumbent, feasting for years on a steady stream of high-margin maintenance revenue while starving innovation and reactively buying its way into cloud participation.  One of the critical advantages that on-premise incumbents had pre-cloud is that a cumbersome and costly upfront integration process […]

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