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Quick Blurbs [Delta Airlines, Greenbrier, MSC Industrial, Fastenal]

(2,130 words) [MSM – MSC Industrial; FAST – Fastenal] Recall that 70% of MSM’s sales come from manufacturing customers (esp. metalworking), who have seen their average daily sales decline by msd/hsd for each of the last 5 quarters prior to 4q16.  Last quarter, the company saw the beginnings of a recovery…. Management is reluctant to […]

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Quick Blurbs [FAST – Fastenal, MSM – MSC Industrial]

(1,206 words) [MSM Earnings (1/11/17)] Management is reluctant to say that the environment has turned but November was better than expected and December saw growth across all customer and product types, including an unexpected “spike” in capital-related sales (machinery, machine tool accessories, tooling package orders), which usually happens when customers are optimistic about the future, […]

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