“Results exceeded the high end of guidance”
Again “raising our expectations for both revenue and profitability for the full year”
Record results for mass notification — and increasing demand for CEM in the US and Population Warning internationally
NA: signed the state of CA for a state-wide deal
9 new CEM customers added, including early adoption by non-corporate US customers (ahead of next year’s international launch”
“Numerous cross-sales of the NC4 solution into our base in Q3” – NC4+EVBG, combined, is the “market-leading solution” re: monitoring and assessing the impact of critical events
New country-wide alerting wins + the even larger EU opportunity that will begin next year
“Very early-stage international population early-warning space”
Our base “continues to renew at market-leading price” — assisting cross-sale, etc.
“more than 30 net new customers from NC4”
Q3: added several million-dollar+ deals, 29 $100k+ deals
International is now 20% of total revenue
In Q3 “closed the largest solution contract in our company’s history”
“One of the world’s largest car rental companies” bought CEM, safety connection and IT alerting solutions — “reach workers outside of airport locations”
One of the largest insurance providers in the US chose CEM “to support their global security and biz continuity programs”–an existing NC4 customer
Transportation: 6 figure, multi-product deal with a top 10 US airline (chose CEM, IT alerting, and crisis mgmt)
New EVBG customers: “one of the largest home furnishing retailers…an international software company” etc.
A leading management consultancy “significantly expanded their use of safety connection” (to protect travelling consultants”
Gov’t: US safety connection solution at HUD, US pension guarantee corp; also (CEM?) purchased by the DOL — “further increases our confidence” in moving into new verticals for CEM
USPS added IT alerting to their existing solution
Now have FL, NY, CA statewide deals — in addition to VT and CT wins
Recent EU mandate requires a population-alerting solution by June 2022 (Greece, Holland, Iceland, Sweden already customers)
NC4 “instrumental” in pharma, healthcare, and online gaming wins this quarter
Channel partnerships “could contribute” as we move ahead — CA statewide deal helped
Vernon Irvin “focused on driving F100 deals, international deals, and routes to market (partnerships)”
State of CA is the largest deal in EVBG history
NC4: a +$10-$12MM sales impact from NC4 next year
Aptos (partnered w for the CA deal) and relationships with large system integrators will be essential to get larger deals
“A lot of people have taken note of the CA deal” and are approaching us, wanting to work with us
Vernon Irvin “knows how to work with [partners to get deals done]”
Country-wide deals: “you win the country and then you win the carriers in the country” — and Vernon has telco relationships to help with this
How did the federal fiscal-year end affect deal flow? — “Q3 being the end of the federal fiscal year probably contributed to new logos this quarter”
$2MM of NC4 sales this quarter, roughly–more detail on NC4 in the 10-Q
“We are hiring international salespeople” — “We haven’t even launched CEM internationally and we are already being pulled into deals with international customers”
Initial FL state contract $3MM, now $3.5MM annually; initial CA state contract $5MM; should lead to addl. CA contracts & that $5MM can grow as well; 5yr deal with a 5yr extension option

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