1) Sell-side obsessed with billings “miss”…like 5 analysts asked the billings q any way they could—answer remained “look at it on a TTM basis”

Don’t think billings were actually a concern but if you are a market neutral dude you are likely hyper focused on quarterly billings and obviously this is a less liquid stock.

2) CEM – got a few wins this quarter where the customer came to them (e.g., one of Singapore’s biggest banks)—right now EVBG is selling CEM on a limited basis with no international sales support

3) This NC4 acquisition sounds awesome. $88mm (?) part stock part cash, has been managed as more or less a family business for NC4’s founder…only 4 salespeople! Will help bolster EVBG’s threat surveillance, there is a big opportunity to cross-sell CEM to NC4 customers, and there are some cost synergies (e.g., EVBG-NC4 offices tend to be in similar cities)

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Asked on August 6, 2019 1:19 am